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Believe it or not race walking (not as it is done nowadays) has been part of the Olympic Games since 1908 - when only men used to participate - women were allowed to take part as from 1922 - so it is not something new,  just the style has changed somewhat.

Kwa Zulu Natal Athletics calendar has three specific walking only races each year and these cater for all distances from 10km - 50km - at almost all road races walkers are allowed to participate.  Although prize money is not the same as the runners, at most races, a few clubs do pay 1st - 3rd position the same as runners and some clubs also cater for category prizes.

Walkers are starting to make headway in athletics.  We at PDAC have walkers that only specialize in the shorter distances - up to 21.1km - as well as walkers who enjoy doing all distances that is including the ultras up to 50km. 


Thursday evening the walkers meet to do the time trial or do training round the field.

Join us!!!